Fathers of newborns are 36% more likely to have a near miss at work and 26% more likely to have a near miss on the road due to fatigue...


PATERNITY AT WORK is designed to alert expectant and new Dads to the safety risks associated with combining the early days, weeks and months of fatherhood with employment.

Addressing the importance of staying safe at work and on the road, this online program unpacks some of the broader challenges of navigating fatherhood and employment.

Given the risks to person and business when working fathers return to their jobs and with recent changes to policy and legislation (paid paternity leave, right to request flexibility), there is a growing need for organisations to see 'work-paternity support' as an essential workplace service.

As we know men are reluctant to seek help and with a lack of screening opportunities for fathers PATERNITY AT WORK not only educates users on the areas of potential risk, but also provides practical strategies to help combat them in private and confidential ways.

To contact PATERNITY AT WORK email: info@paternityatwork.com.au

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